Favorite Photo Friday: Creating in the morning

Some mornings, we have the luxury of having extra time to create. Our girls love to write, draw, design, and build. I love to capture these moments as they unfold, revealing and creating a story of my own in the process.


The Cemetery

Recently, a friend and I decided to get together, visit a new destination, and take photos. When she suggested that we visit a local cemetery, I was completely open to the idea, but found myself wondering how I should go about capturing images in a such a place.

When we arrived, I felt a bit lost and overwhelmed; I wondered how to properly show respect while taking photos in a cemetery. I needed to get comfortable, especially since I was so focused on figuring out how I should take photos.

I get comfortable by starting small and focusing on details.


I needed to walk around, quietly observe, and to get away from focusing on should so that I could find both a connection to the cemetery and my voice. So, I explored.


Then, it happened; I found light, my constant companion on my photographic journey, and my voice became clear.


As fond memories of my grandparents came to my mind, I found a needed connection with the cemetery. I began to see stories all around me; stories that, I imagine, have been here, waiting to be discovered and shared.


I was no longer thinking about how I should be taking photos; I just did what came naturally. I found a way to capture the story and the respect that pressed so heavily on me when we first arrived at the cemetery.


This photo outing proved to be a much more challenging experience than I anticipated, both personally and photographically; I am thankful for the experience!


Favorite Photo Friday: “I need to get my camera!”

I love discovering beautiful light, grabbing my camera, and then hearing my daughters say, “I need to get my camera!”

What a delightful way to start our Friday morning together!


Favorite Photo Friday: Picture Books

This photo awakens memories of adventures shared, cuddled under a warm blanket at bedtime. Delightful memories of being together, reading stories with our girls before going to sleep.


A Gift: Behind the Scenes at Flour Chylde Bakery

Recently, I was given a gift: an invitation to photograph behind the scenes at my favorite bakery, Flour Chylde.

Over the past few years, I’ve taken many photos in the front of the bakery. The atmosphere and light are warm and inviting. blog-Flour-Chylde-8190

I love the way the soft light streams in and gently touches the old baking pans blog-Flour-Chylde-0235and creates intriguing reflections.  
I  was excited to discover what I would find in the back of the bakery.

As someone who likes to photograph the details, I was initially drawn to all the mini baking rings and muffin tins ready to be filled and placed in the oven, blog-Flour-Chylde-9926-BW blog-Flour_Chylde_9616

the mixing equipment, blog_Flour_Chylde_9395

and work areas awaiting their next project.blog-Flour-Chylde-9860

When I shifted my focus to some of the people who have become so familiar to me from the front of the bakery, a delightful dance began to take shape. A dance, which was full of swirling,



and joy.blog-Flour_Chylde_0172I was amazed with the amount of preparation,blog-Flour_Chylde_9588


skill, and precision that went into every step.blog-Flour_Chylde_9484

In the middle of a flurry of activity, I found laughter, friendship, dedication, and teamwork.blog-Flour_Chylde_9495This wonderful gift, which allowed me the freedom to explore, to be involved in my own way, and to share my photography, led me to the true heart of the bakery. I am so grateful and am looking forward to more discoveries!

Favorite Photo Friday: Her Story

Our daughter has been working on a story for months now; her curiosity is piqued; she is inspired by what she discovers through research, exploring our community, and asking  questions. She pours her heart into this story and writes and writes and writes.

Earlier this week, her story grew richer, yet again, with the addition of a new character: a beloved grandpa.