An Unexpected Morning

A change of plans created an unexpected morning; I had time to relax, explore the city (with camera in hand, of course), and enjoy the beautiful morning light.

I discovered gorgeous colors and textures,

bricks. windows, and metal all joined together in an alleyway,

a shiny new drum set needing a player,

the rich reds of an antique couch through the curtains, 

and a seemingly magic doorway.

Being able to take my time and capture the beauty of everyday was a wonderful way to start my morning.

Color Reflections

I’m finding myself drawn to the beauty in reflections of color, no matter where my day takes me.

Whether I’m at our local car show,

walking past the motorcycle repair shop, 

sitting at the bakery’s metal tables,

enjoying a finger puppet show,

or during a quiet board game at home,

reflections of color keep grabbing my attention; I love what I see!

Favorite Photo Friday: Quiet Morning Redwoods

On this first Favorite Photo Friday, I want to share a photo from this summer: Quiet Morning Redwoods. For me, this image captures the memory of a wonderful vacation, a restful morning, and the magnificence of the Russian River.


A wooden fence in the dappled light at the park

with water droplets sparkling in the morning sun

bright light on a white picket fence

in the morning fog

with a newly fallen leaf in the morning light

in the warm light of the setting sun