I woke up today needing to photograph words. In those early morning hours, I honestly wished I knew why.

In taking photos every day, I have realized that some of my photos are inspired, some are the result of patience and waiting to capture a story, and some images (because I spend a lot of time looking and seeing what’s going on around me) unfold before me. Other photos fulfill another purpose; they satisfy a personal need. The latter being the most difficult for me, since the reasons behind what I need are not always clear.

Taking photos this morning was challenging. My initial search for words offered results with neither meaning nor purpose; I was definitely trying too hard to make a photo happen and forcing a photo never works for me!

I put my camera down for a bit. When I stopped trying so hard, I found the words I needed, right on my computer monitor. (Thanks, Jackie!)


When I read these words, I knew that I had found exactly what I needed and understood why I needed to find them.

This photo serves as a personal reminder to continue doing what makes me happy; I hope that you continue to do the same!

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