A Bowl of Photos

On a visit to an antique store, I stumbled upon this bowl of photos for sale.


As a person who places such importance on photography and capturing moments in time, I found myself searching through the photos, in disbelief. I felt a loss for the families of the people in these images. So many moments captured and now gone: visits with grandparents, family vacations, afternoons with friends, and birthday parties.

How did these moments end up here in this bowl, so far from where they belong?

When I was finally able to pull myself away, I felt even more compelled to continue my journey of taking photos every day. Our day-to-day routines, milestones, adventures, and the people and things we love are significant; they show us who we are, were we come from, and what we value.

These moments should live on and not be forgotten.

2 thoughts on “A Bowl of Photos

  1. i understand what you mean. years ago when i lived in an apartment in Savannah, one of the tenants next door just up and moved away, leaving many items behind and never came back for them. one box she left contained hundreds of slides that one of her grandfathers, apparently an avid photographer, took on his many trips abroad back in the 1950s and 60s. while helping the landlord clean everything out, i felt compelled to look at each slide and was overwhelmed with sadness that his seemingly uncaring granddaughter left them behind. isn’t it weird that 15 years later i still remember those pictures, and they weren’t even of my own family travels.

  2. My guilty secret is I buy those photos. I particularly find it hard to leave pictures of men in uniform behind. I always wonder if they made it home, since their pictures have been lost to their families.

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