Storytelling: Hands

Quite often, it is the little details that catch my attention and inspire me to take photos.

I am drawn to people’s hands; they show¬†playfulness,

express love,

and connection;  

hands can reveal our courage, excitement, and

the pride we feel in a job well done.

Thinking about cars today

Today, I’m thinking about my love for photographing vintage cars.

Here is a beauty from 1957,

a Chevy Impala SS,

and an old Chevy truck in the fall morning light in my neighborhood.

I love the colors, details,

and the passion vintage car owners express for their cars.

And, every now and then, cars provide an amusing location for self portraits as well!

Favorite Photo Friday: Her Story

Our daughter has been working on a story for months now; her curiosity is piqued; she is inspired by what she discovers through research, exploring our community, and asking  questions. She pours her heart into this story and writes and writes and writes.

Earlier this week, her story grew richer, yet again, with the addition of a new character: a beloved grandpa.

On this day last year

This morning, I decided to look back through my photos to find out what I was up to on this date last year. My search brought me to a wonderful memory: our daughter bringing home her first reader from kindergarten.

This photo brings back the smile on her face as she presented me with the book, the excitement in her voice as she asked me to sit down and listen to her read, and the joy I felt in my heart while watching her confidence soar with each turned page.

She brought a gift home that day.