Perfect in its Imperfection

I love this moment; I love this photo.


For me, this photo captures pure excitement and joy; the kids are jumping up and down with their dad, past bedtime, celebrating the first day of winter break.

I watched the excitement building, grabbed my camera, quickly turned up the ISO, and captured the moment. Thankfully, my priority had been in the moment, not on the correct camera settings; had I stopped to set my camera properly, I would have missed this moment, completely.

This is perfect in its imperfection.

Continuing My Journey

This morning, I woke up inspired, energized, and focused. I made a decision: I decided to begin my third 365 photo project.

I’ve been taking photos every day for two years. This journey has helped me to keep my eyes open and to really see and experience the world around me.

With my camera by my side, I’m ready to capture memories

de_buren_Photography_journey-P and moments, which may have otherwise been forgotten.


I’ve realized my fondness for storytelling


as well as for motorcycles and vintage cars.


I’ve challenged myself to photograph difficult lighting situations,


and to see the beauty in everyday life.


This morning, I move with a purpose–with my camera at my side–making time to take photos and enjoy doing what I love. I look forward to another year of photos!