On this day last year

This morning, I decided to look back through my photos to find out what I was up to on this date last year. My search brought me to a wonderful memory: our daughter bringing home her first reader from kindergarten.

This photo brings back the smile on her face as she presented me with the book, the excitement in her voice as she asked me to sit down and listen to her read, and the joy I felt in my heart while watching her confidence soar with each turned page.

She brought a gift home that day.

An Unexpected Morning

A change of plans created an unexpected morning; I had time to relax, explore the city (with camera in hand, of course), and enjoy the beautiful morning light.

I discovered gorgeous colors and textures,

bricks. windows, and metal all joined together in an alleyway,

a shiny new drum set needing a player,

the rich reds of an antique couch through the curtains, 

and a seemingly magic doorway.

Being able to take my time and capture the beauty of everyday was a wonderful way to start my morning.

Favorite Photo Friday: Bocce Ball

Recently, I was fortunate to discover a group of old friends playing bocce ball in the park. They have been playing together for years, and truly enjoy the game and each other’s company.

I sat back and enjoyed their friendship and laughter.


I recently completed a photo series on numbers; here are some of my favorites from the set.

Numbered seats at the theater, 

a race car in an antique store window,

dominoes on the kitchen table, 

a find while my mom completed some mending, and the speedometer of an old pick-up truck (including my reflection as well).