Storytelling: Getting a Puppy

The time spent waiting for our puppy to be old enough to come home to us was full of excitement.

We counted the days,

and waited,

and waited. Until, finally, she was home with us!

We had no idea how much we’d love her,

how much joy and laughter (and mischief) she’d bring to our lives,

and how quickly she would become part of our family.

Having our little Honey in our lives is such an incredible gift, for all of us.

Storytelling: Sharing Stories

We all have stories to share.

Some stories share adventure and

history from long ago;

some stories express friendship and love;

some of our stories are being created and coming to life on paper;

some stories are just being captured, to be shared with loved ones.

I wonder which stories from today will be shared, enjoyed, and treasured in the years to come.


A wooden fence in the dappled light at the park

with water droplets sparkling in the morning sun

bright light on a white picket fence

in the morning fog

with a newly fallen leaf in the morning light

in the warm light of the setting sun